Sunday, July 29, 2012


Wisteria sinensis or Chinese wisteria is a great vine for southern gardens.
Why give it a wink?
Wisteria are one of the most carefree plants in my garden. They requires no fertilizer,no special soils, and no extra watering. It grows very fast and is easy to prune.
Its flowers have a 'grape' scent and are very attractive to bumblebees.
The woody vines can be trained to grow into winding trees or can scamper up a trellis. Here's our 20 year old vine in the front yard during the summer.
It has hundreds of blooms each Spring.
Here are the lovely blooms falling upon one of my ginger plants.
I like that Wisteria often bloom a second time in the summer. Their fragrance catches me off guard.
I'm joining Lisa at Lisa's Chaos for another round of Macro Monday.
Thanks Lisa! 
An now for a story:
When we first moved into our home in 1985, the entire front lawn was empty except for a tiny sprig of Wisteria. I asked my wife if I should mow it down and she said yes.
Then she changed her mind!
I hoped and prayed the little sprig would grow back and of course, it did. It is now quite happy and about the size of a small tree. It grow wider each year and sprawls throughout the front flower beds. It is 10 feet wide and 6 feet tall with hundreds of blooms.
She's been happy ever since.


  1. Beautiful blooms - I have 2 wisteria that came from one that I transplanted. I only had one bloom this year because of the shock of transplanting, but the plants are very happy in their new location and I expect much from them next year!

  2. Absolutely wonderful photography ~ beautiful flowers ~~ thanks, namaste, (A Creative Harbor)

  3. Lovely shots!!! Such soft color...well done!

  4. Beautiful blossoms! I love the lavender color.

  5. Beautiful! I envy you. My wisteria doesn't flower anymore. I think my garden has become too shady.

  6. Okay, the blooms are absolutely gorgeous, but here is the issue. It is trying to take over and is sprouting all over in my lawn, climbing my brick mailbox, coming up through my deck, and through my neighbors is wild and pretty aggressive. I live in zone 9 and it is growing in full sun and a drought, everywhere, welcome or not. The foliage is pretty too by the way. Your macro shots are top notch!