Saturday, October 13, 2012


I love to paint my garden pots because it's relaxing after a stressful work week. For this week's design, I combined a solid light blue edge with an impressionistic 'world' theme coupled with faint purple crosses.
The blue compliments the lime green leaves of this Pothos ivy.

I use a lot of blue shades in my garden. It's a relaxing and cool color.

Some year or when I retire, I'm going to have a garden plant sale with beautiful painted pots filled with their colorful counterparts.
Retirement is in 4 1/2 short years! By then, I'll have a bunch of new designs.
Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by.


  1. What fascinates me more about this is the way you presented them. It’s very creative that you placed the pots in piles of stones and didn’t just line them up in an area, which is what we usually see. This is a great garden highlight, I must say. In addition, I think you should move your artwork maybe under a tree or somewhere with shade to preserve the pots. ;)

  2. Oh! what a wonderful post!! Thank you for sharing it with us!