Saturday, October 20, 2012


I give the Philippine violet a double wink because of its beautiful flowers AND gorgeous foliage.

Here in Houston it grows into a nice bush that prefers morning sunshine and afternoon shade.

It is the last of the bloomers in our tropical garden. This week I was starting to prepare for winter and there it was blooming! It needs a better alarm clock. 

There are two species for sale in our southern states: this hearty purple one and the not so hearty white flowering type (though you can grow them in frost free zones). I've grown both and much prefer Barleria cristata (purple Philippine violet)
You can grow this plant from cuttings. It will also produce a handful of volunteer seedlings each year.
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  1. I agree. These flowers are great back home for our perth landscaping. Plus, they're quite easy to care for.

  2. My mom and I both love purple, so I planted violets beside our pergola in Perth as my surprise for her. You're right about the beautiful flowers. They may be small, but they stand out in our backyard.

  3. Whoa, thanks for blogging this. My girlfriend and I had an intense fight last week so I tried to make it up to her by fixing her patio with some liquid limestone from Mandurah and, the best part, plating those purple Philippine violets by the edge. They're the first things she saw when she stepped outside!