Saturday, October 20, 2012


I give the Philippine violet a double wink because of its beautiful flowers AND gorgeous foliage.

Here in Houston it grows into a nice bush that prefers morning sunshine and afternoon shade.

It is the last of the bloomers in our tropical garden. This week I was starting to prepare for winter and there it was blooming! It needs a better alarm clock. 

There are two species for sale in our southern states: this hearty purple one and the not so hearty white flowering type (though you can grow them in frost free zones). I've grown both and much prefer Barleria cristata (purple Philippine violet)
You can grow this plant from cuttings. It will also produce a handful of volunteer seedlings each year.
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Saturday, October 13, 2012


I love to paint my garden pots because it's relaxing after a stressful work week. For this week's design, I combined a solid light blue edge with an impressionistic 'world' theme coupled with faint purple crosses.
The blue compliments the lime green leaves of this Pothos ivy.

I use a lot of blue shades in my garden. It's a relaxing and cool color.

Some year or when I retire, I'm going to have a garden plant sale with beautiful painted pots filled with their colorful counterparts.
Retirement is in 4 1/2 short years! By then, I'll have a bunch of new designs.
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Thursday, October 11, 2012


I give this Syngonium a wink because it grows very fast and adds lots of bright white splotches to any deep green plantings. While other Syngoniums add a leaf or two in a season, this one can add ten or more.
I also love all the variegated variety. It's always a nice surprise to see what's next.
It also brightens areas with purple leaved plants.

When stems are cut and rooted, you occasionally get a reverted solid green plant. But most of the time it continues to grow beautiful white and green leaves.
I have not been brave enough to leave it outdoors for a frost. But my other two Syngonium varieties always come back from the roots so this one will probably do the same.
It's trade name is 'French Marble' and it's an older cultivar. To find more Syngoniums along with this one, visit Glasshouse Works. They have a wonderful collection for reasonable prices.
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