Saturday, June 23, 2012


Zinnia angustifolia 'Crystal Orange' (Have it, Love it!)

                                        WHY GIVE THIS ZINNIA A WINK?     ;-)
 It's a great, compact, cute little plant for the front of your xeric bed, your Cottage Garden, or your path garden. Loves hot weather. The bitoned petals are unique! ;-)

WIWA(What I'm worried about)...I've grown this Zinnia one other time and powdery mildew was a problem in high humidity. Otherwise, it's a great little flower.

Personal Log: This flower glows at night and can be used as an emergency flashlight. Butterflies LOVE little yellow, sunfloweresque flowers.

Category: Zinnas are native to Mexico and come from a dry, low humidity climate. Annual flower.

                                                             MY STORY....ONCE UPON A TIME....
we lived out on a very remote farm where I grew cheerful zinnias in all colors. As a boy, I would try to guess the color of the petals the night before they would open. I remember seeing lavender, purple, burgundy, melon, and lemon yellow all at the same time. Our home was surrounded by endless black dirt fields filled with one or two crops. My memories of empty fields is one of the main reasons I fill my jungle garden with tropical plants and flowers.
Our Tropical Garden ~ Houston, Texas

David /:-)

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